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*We build and assemble the Collector-Cable, NHRA-accepted collector tether systems.
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 M/T drag tires. Hoosier and Goodyear Drag Tires
Schaeffer Lubricants. Race Oils, rear end lube, trans-fluid available at our trailer.
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"Collector Cables"......Do you need them to be NHRA legal in 2014?

“2013 NHRA Rule Amendments SECTION 20: General Regulations, Engine: 1,1.3 Exhaust (Page 3) last update 2/4/2013. Effective Jan 1, 2014, removable multi-piece exhaust collectors/stacks must be securely fastened with an NHRA accepted header tether, such as Lokar’s 1400009 or 1401009 to prevent loss of collector/stacks during competition.” The Collector-Cable "Original" and "Economy" models are also NHRA-accepted for 2014.


Special Announcement: 2/12/2014.

We offer one NHRA-accepted kit.


The "Economy Kit".....$59.00. Low price / NHRA accepted.



NIC-Fab's "Economy" Collector-Cable tether system: $59.00

Shipping /Handling $8.99 per set. (multiple orders $14.99 up to three sets in one box)

We have constructed this  NHRA-accepted tether system for the racer who isn't to worried about stainless steel attachments. Their concern is getting a NHRA-accepted tether system on their headers. The "economy" Collector-Cable has a little less "glitter" but is 100% functional. Great choice for "under car" headers or if you want to mount the "Collector-Cable" on the inside tubes of your open-wheel race car headers.

*High-Strength stainless steel t-bolt clamps.

*High-strength aircraft-quality cable  with "capped" cable ends on the clamps.

Lowest Price on the Planet:   $59.00 for "Economy" kit  



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************Company Policies regarding warranty and product returns:************

Due to the custom-fit nature of this product and the high-risk use for which it is specifically designed, Drag Racing, there is no warranty stated or implied on any components of the Collector-Cable. All sales are final / no refunds on purchases. The company, Collector-Cable.com, company owners, employees or principals shall not be held liable for any injury or financial loss that may be incurred from the use of a Collector-Cable product. Customer's purchase is non-refundable, if wrong clamp size is ordered, customers can return those clamps at customer's cost for shipping to Collector Cable shop and Collector-Cable will send out correct size clamps for $5.25 Priority Mail postage fee.

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*Multipe set orders: Each set has to be done individually..OR..call us and we can do it over the phone.

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